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Golden Gate Bridge


Our philosophy is simple: marketing strategy should result in making your cash register ring.


Our partners believe emphatically that if your current marketing isn’t putting money in your pocket, then you need to re-evaluate your efforts. We have two main pillars of our philosophy: the Marketing Bridge and Strategic Messaging.


The Marketing Bridge includes everything that links the customer to you and everything that is an obstacle separating the potential customer from you. In our more than 120 years of "Collective Common Sense" experience, we have found that the best advertising will not solve Marketing Bridge issues. As a matter of fact, advertising in the face of Marketing Bridge issues can drive results down. We are keenly successful in uncovering Marketing Bridge issues that could impede your success.


The second pillar of the Common Sense Collective philosophy is Strategic Messaging, which should be designed like a strong building. The bricks are the individual components that form the building, but the mortar holds it all together. Each message requires bricks and mortar. The bricks are the elements that tell your story. The mortar is the consistent branding that is the same in each message. The bricks are constantly changing but the mortar always remains the same.


Without a strong Marketing Bridge and Strategic Messaging, you lessen the chances that your marketing is making your cash register ring.


Let The Common Sense Collective philosophy drive your dollars. 

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